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Note: The table below provides references to PDF in any of the two languages either English or Hindi

S.No.Order No.TitleUploaded Date
1 BUDGET 2022-23 pdf [4 MB] Language : Hindi BUDGET 2022-23 20/06/2022
2 57/2022/176258/0001-004-65-2002-002-2-2022-2 pdf [941 KB] Language : Hindi Financial approval against the budget approved for Financial Year 2022-23. 20/06/2022
3 55/2022/I/174222/2022/File No. 65-2099/165/2021-2 pdf [342 KB] Language : Hindi Financial approval of the second installment in the financial year 2022-23 in relation to the grant proposals approved under the grant scheme to voluntary organizations for the operation of shelter home-cum-training centers for mentally retarded and mentally ill destitute disabled persons in Uttar Pradesh. 20/06/2022
4 52/2022/आई0/170358/2022/65-2099/57/2022-2 pdf [982 KB] Language : Hindi Approval to Dr. Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow under Salary Head (first installment) in the current Financial Year 2022-23. 20/06/2022
5 C-4759 pdf [2 MB] Language : Hindi Regarding allotment of budget for Financial Year 2021-22 for Empowerment & Welfare of Persons with Disabilities and Backwards. 12/01/2022
6 100/2021/I/123450/2021/File No.65-2099/1131/2019-2 pdf [404 KB] Language : Hindi Increase in the grant amount of Divyang Pension for the disabled people. 20/12/2021
7 c-4122 pdf [723 KB] Language : Hindi Order regarding the amount allotted for the construction of Mamta Government School, District Meerut. 20/12/2021
8 101/2021/I/123438/2021/File No.65-2099/401/2019-2 pdf [403 KB] Language : Hindi Increase in the grant amount of Leprosy Pension for people who became disabled due to leprosy. 20/12/2021
9 71/2021/I/72402/2021/File No.65-2099/1030/2019-2 pdf [529 KB] Language : Hindi Administrative and Financial approval of the revised cost for the construction work of Integrated Special Secondary School, Azamgarh 22/06/2021
10 66/2021/I/62861/2021/File No.65-2002(002)/16/2021-2 pdf [450 KB] Language : Hindi Financial Approvals for the Financial Year 2021-22 22/06/2021
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