Important objectives of Department in Financial Year, 2016-17

  • Providing pension to approximately 930000 disabled persons with a sum of Rs.559.02 crore provisioned under Disability Pension Scheme.
  • Providing pension to approximately 6000 disabled persons whom disability is caused by leprosy with a provisioned amount of Rs.18.00 crore.
  • Of benefiting approximately 7500 disabled people with a sum of Rs.6.00 crore provisioned for surgery of poor and helpless disabled persons for prevention of their disability.
  • Of benefiting approximately 52400 disabled persons with a sum of Rs.32.40 crore provisioned in Prosthesis / Accessories Grant Scheme.
  • For Marriage Incentive Award, 1320 couples to be rewarded with the amount of Rs. 2.64crore.
  • Every state office/buildings,of public use to be built favourable to handicapped and to create an obstacle/barrier free environment for the ease of PWDs. For this, under SIPDA scheme amount of Rs.60.00 crore In head and Rs. 50.00 Lacs has been provisioned in the revenue for financial year 2017-18.
  • Provision of Rs.5.00 crore has been made to provide assistance to volunteer-organisations who are operating shelter-cum-training centres for mentally disabled and mentally PWDs.
  • Provision of Rs.20.00 lacs has been made for providing training to teachers with a mandate to identify children affected with Dyslexia or attention deficit and hyper activity syndrome. (ADHD)
  • Provision of Rs.18.40 crore has been made for establishing new consolidated schools in first phase at: Allahabad, Kannauj, Auraiya at all circle headquarters and in second phase establishment of three new consolidated schools.
  • Provision of Rs.200 Lacs has been made for construction of building of Prayas Rajkiya School (for physically handicapped boys) in district Pratapgarh.
  • Provision of Rs.53.60 Lacs has been made for operation of Mamta Rajkiya School (for mentally challenged girls) in district Barabanki.
  • Provision of Rs.1200 lacs has been made for building construction of Intermediate level residential Government Schools in three districts of Western Uttar Pradesh for deaf-dumb boys/girls.
  • Provision of Rs.2000.00 lacs has been made for construction of special stadium in Dr. Shakuntala Mishra National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow.
  • Provision of Rs. 974.84 lacs has been made for establishment of artificial part and rehabilitation centre in Dr. Shakuntala Mishra National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow.