State Government Schemes

S.No. Schemes Name Details
1. Nourishment Grant (Pension) Scheme for Destitute PWDs-Online Application Form View Details
2. Leprosy Pension Scheme-Online Application Form View Details
3. Grant Scheme for purchasing/repairing of Artificial Limbs and Hearing Aids for the Persons with Disabilities View Details
4. Free Motorized Tricycle Scheme for Persons With Disabilities-Online Application Form View Details
5. Marriage Incentive Award Scheme – Online Application Form -Online Application Form View Details
6. Shop Construction/Operation scheme for rehabilitation of PWDs -Online Application Form View Details
7. Corrective Surgery Grant File Size: 1.02 MB | Language: Hindi Date of Uploading :18/03/2021 View Details
8. Scheme of Free Bus Travel to PWDs in the buses of State Transport Corporation View Details
9. State Level Awards for empowerment of Persons with Disabilities View Details
10. Training to teachers for identification of children affected with Dyslexia and Attention Deficit and Hyper Activity Syndrome View Details
11. Assistance to voluntary organizations for operation of Shelter Home-cum-training center for mentally retarded and mentally ill destitute Persons with Disabilities View Details
12. Assistance to voluntary organizations/NGOs View Details
13. Operation of Bell Press View Details