Divyang Pension

Nourishment Grant (Pension) Scheme for Destitute PWDs

Eligibility and Conditions:-

  • Persons with Disabilities who have completed 18 years of age and has minimum 40 percent of disability.
  • Resident of Uttar Pradesh and presently living in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Individuals that are receiving pension/grant/aid under old age pension, widow pension, Samajwadi pension or any other scheme and individuals receiving free sustenance in government institutions/shelters will not be eligible for this scheme.
  • Decision of the DM will be final relative to eligibility of the beneficiaries.


  • Persons with disabilities falling within the definition of poverty line (currently Rs. 46080 / - in rural areas and Rs. 56460 / - per family per year in urban areas) will be eligible. (The certificate issued by the first class magistrate of the district will be valid for obtaining the grant.)

Rate of Grant

  • Under this scheme, rate of grant will be Rs.500/- per beneficiary per month that will be changed with the valid rates from time to time by the government.

Procedure and Restrictions of the Grant

The procedure and restrictions of the grant will be as follows:-

  • Payment of the grant money to new applicants will be according to the availability of budget on First Come First Serve basis and the beneficiary will not be liable for payment of the arrear of previous amount.
  • In case of death of the grant recipient or if grant recipient comes under the category of ineligibility, after the installment the grant will be stopped.
  • If any individual acquires grant  by fake record, wrong information, death of beneficiary or with any other reason then recovery of the amount received by the concerned person will be done under the sub-section (A) (11) of section 3 of the Public Money (Recovery of Dues) Act, 1965, as arrears of land revenue.
  • Important directions will be issued by the Director, Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities from time to time for effective implementation of this manual.
  • On any controversial subject under this scheme, decision of Principal Secretary, Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities Department, Uttar Pradesh will be final and will be valid on all.

Application Form

  • Application form can be filled and updated status of the E-application can be received by persons with disabilities on sspy-up.gov.in through Jan Suvidha Kendra/ Lokvani/ Internet.

Process of Payment

Payment will be made into their bank accounts directly through E-Payment.