Free bus transportation for handicap people

Scheme for providing free travelling facility in buses of State Transportation Corporation for Persons with Disabilities

S.No. Particulars
1. Definition:-

Under this scheme until no issue is controversial

  1. Buses will be used, in such buses, which are operated by corporation on various routes outside the boundaries of UP and under the territory of the state. This facility will not be applicable in buses comprising of air conditioned, sleeper and video system.
  2. 'Corporation' will be the State Road Transport Corporation.
  3. 'Uttar Pradesh' will be the 'State'

UP free travel facility will be provided to the PwDs on traveling from UP Road Transport Corporation buses for a purpose other than begging.


At the time of starting the journey, the person with disability can start the journey by presenting the certificate provided by the Chief Medical Officer to the authorized employee/officer of the Transport Corporation.


Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation Lucknow will provide important certificates in each financial year to Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation in which details like, how much person with disabilities have taken the benefit of travelling free in each quarter, along with permissible amount given for a demand letter through Director, PWD Empowerment will be included.


(1) Facility of transport by Person with Disabilities will be given as per the certificate issued by the Chief Medical Officer.

(2) Facility of transport will be provided only to those persons with disabilities who fall under any of the following category:-

  1. Who are completely blind or low visions (as per the definition of Persons with Disabilities Act 1995).

  2. Who are completely deaf or dumb or both (as per the definition of Persons with Disabilities Act 1995).

  3. Who don't have one hand or one leg or both hands or both legs.

  4. Whose one hand or one leg or either hands or both legs are paralyzed.

  5. Who are mentally challenged (as per the definition of Persons with Disabilities Act 1995).

  6. Leprosy free disabled persons.


If person with disability is severely disabled as per the Disability Certificate that has been issued by Chief Medical Officer which shows that the person is suffering from 80% or more disability then his/her assistant will also be treated as same and will be provided with the benefit of free travelling.


In transport buses, disabled will be allowed to travel throughout the financial year.


This facility will also be available in Nagar Bus Service, if Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation operates the service.


Persons with Disabilities mentioned under rule 7 (2), will be provided with free travel facility in buses of Uttar Pradesh State Road Transportation Corporation.


In respect of reimbursement of expenditure incurred by the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation on person with disabilities will be done according to mutual consent to the amount of money settled in the income statement by the concerned department and payment will be done by Director, Person with Disabilities Empowerment Department.


Certificate issued by Chief Medical Officer will be used for traveling facility.


After cross checking the certificate issued to the person with disability by the Chief Medical Officer, bus conductor will let him/her travel to any destination which comes over the bus route. The account of this journey will be presented in the office of the Transport Corporation in due course. For the above free travel, it will not be mandatory to sign the registration number, signature and stamp on Disability Certificate by District Person with Disability Empowerment Officer.


District Society Welfare Officer/District Person with Disability Empowerment Officer will keep a register with them, in which information of such disable persons will be mentioned who all are eligible for travelling in buses of transport corporation.


In every three months Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation will provide data regarding accounts and travelling of person with disabilities to Director, Person with Disabilities Empowerment.


To come under category of person with disabilities for travelling, it is mandatory to get the certificate of disability issued by the Chief Medical Officer of district.


For travelling, concerned disable person and his/her assistant will not have to pay the charges.