Artificial Limbs/Assistive Equipments Scheme

Artificial Limbs/Assistive Equipments Scheme

Objective and Purpose

The main objective of this scheme is to provide financial grant to person with disabilities (whose annual income is not more than the decided BPL limit i.e., Rs.46080/- for rural areas and Rs.56460/- for urban areas and this income is eligible for per family on annual basis or as per the amendments made by the Uttar Pradesh Government) for the purchase of artificial organs and assistance equipment etc.

Rate of Grant

Under this scheme, for the purchase of artificial organs and assistance equipment for person with disabilities maximum amount of financial grant will be Rs.8000/- or the grant as decided by or amended by the Uttar Pradesh Government.

Eligibility and Conditions

  • Any person with disability of any age who should also be the resident of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Such person with disability, whose minimum disability is 40% and should be certified by Authorized Authority of State Government. In the state of mental retardation, the state of the blocked or incomplete development of the chit which is specially characterized by abnormalities of growth, which has been certified by the authorized officer.
  • Recommended for the artificial limbs / accessories required for Person with disabilities by the Medical Officer.
  • Such person with disabilities who are not benefited by the Indian Government/State Government/Local Bodies in last three years for equipment. However, for the regular students of any educational institution this limit will be for one year.


Persons with Disabilities who come under poverty line (Rs.46080/- in rural areas and Rs.56460/- in urban areas, this income is eligible per family annually) will be eligible for the grant or as per the guidelines of Uttar Pradesh government. To receive grant, income certificate issued by Hon'ble Member of Parliament, Hon'ble MLA, Mayor, Parshad, Nagar Panchayat Chairman, Jila Panchayat Chairman, First category Magistrate of district, Tehsildar, BDO and Gram Pradhan will be eligible.

Details of Equipment

Under the scheme, as per the disability, artificial organ/assistance equipment will be provided to the Persons with Disability:-

  • Mobility Assistance Equipment like:- Tricycle, Wheelchair, C.P. Chair, Cratches, Walking Steek and Walking Frame/Rolletars.
  • Students who are visually impaired will be provided with educational equipment like mathematical frame, abacus, geometry kits and braille educational kits.
  • Blind stick for visually impaired persons.
  • For hearing impaired persons, different types of hearing-aided equipment and education kit.
  • M.S.I.D. kit (Multi-Sensory Education Development Kit) for children and students with mental disabilities.
  • Daily activity kits (A.D.L. Kit) to people suffering from leprosy.
  • In case of multi-disability or person with disabilities who need more than one assistance/aid equipment, they will be provided with maximum Rs.8000/- financial grant.

Procedure of grant and restrictions

  • Prescribed application-form will have to be submitted to concern District PWD Empowerment Officer, Office.
  • District PWD Empowerment Officer will provide approval of financial grant to applicants as per the amount available, on 'First Come and First Serve Basis' by categorising applications received.
  • Under this scheme, if any application is cancelled, then list of such applicants will be kept secured with the clear reason of cancellation.
  • For the effective implementation of this manual, important guidelines will be released by the Director, PWD Empowerment Department.
  • Under this scheme, decision of government over any controversial subject will be the last and will be applicable to all.

How to apply

Persons with disabilities, can apply through Jan Suvidha Kendra/Lokvani and Public District PWD Empowerment Officer Office and can receive the updated status of E-application.

Procedure of Equipment Distribution

Aid Equipment will be distributed to beneficiaries through districts camp on basis of first come first take.