Leprosy Pension Scheme

Eligibility and Conditions:-

Objective of this scheme is to provide nutrition grant to such PWDs affected with Leprosy whose family’s income is not sufficient for their nutrition.

  • PWDs because of Leprosy refers to all such people who are suffering from disabilities due to Leprosy (irrespective of %age of Disability) and who has been given a certificate of relevant disability by the Chief Medical Officer of concerned district
  • Such PWDs because of Leprosy, should be bonafide domicile of Uttar Pradesh
  • Old Age pension, Destitute Women Pension and person receiving pension under any such scheme will not be eligible for this grant/pension scheme.
  • Income - B.P.L. income will be considered for above mentioned pension/scheme.
  • Age – Persons become disabled due to Leprosy, irrespective of any age group; will be eligible for this scheme
  • Rate – Rate of grant per beneficiary per month will be Rs. 2500/- who became disabled due to Leprosy under this scheme. Government approved rates will be applicable for this scheme as amended time to time.
    In case of any dispute on the eligibility conditions, it will be abide by final decision of District magistrate.
  • The application form can be filled by the PWD through Jan Suvidha Kendra / Lokvani / Internet at sspy-up.gov.in and updated status of e-application can also be obtained.
  • Process of payment – Beneficiary will be paid directly in their dedicated bank account through e-payment system.